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1-3 мая 2003 года
акция "По городам России с Eurodance!!!" vol.02



DJ Bobo - Moscow
Basic Element - This Must Be A Dream (Extended Version)
HAND IN HAND - CHILDREN NEEDS A HELPIN HAND /CD '200? "eurodancemusic 3"
CARTOUCHE - TOUCHE THE SKY /CD '200? "eurodancemusic 3"
Indra - Party Going On /CD '1995 "Anywhere"
Ice Mc - Think About The Way (Radio Mix)
Coco - I Had A Dream /CD '200? ""
BLACK SPAGHETTI - Change The Future
Magic Affair - In The Middle Of The Night (Radio Mix)
U96 - Inside Your Dreams (Phase 2) /CD '1995 "Inside Your Dreams (single)"
Masterboy - Generation Of Love (Radio Edit Mondo Mix) /CD '1995 "Generation Of Love"
Maxx - No More (T.H.K. Remix)
The Free - Born Crazy (Trance Reprise)
The Free - Dance The Night Away (Deep Night Mix)
Capital Sound - Your Love Is My Energy /CD '1997 ""
Maxx - Move Your Body /CD '1997 "Single"
Maxx - Power Of Love /CD '1994 "Bravo Dance X-Mas (Single)"
Ice Mc - Music For Money (Maxi Mb Mellow Mix)
Corona - Baby Baby (Robyx Piano Remix Short Edit)
MISSING HEART - Wild angels (Radio cut) /CD '1994 "Wild angels (Single)"
MISSING HEART - Wild angels (Trance angels mixture) /CD '1994 "Wild angels (Single)"
Mr.Philips - Who Wanna Make (Ching Ching) /CD '2003 "" (D-ROCK образца 2003 года)
Pharao - I Show You Secrets (The Secret Mind Of Trance)
Cobra - Born 2 Love U /CD '1995 ""
Cicero - Summertime (radio edit) /CD '1997 ""
Da Blitz - Movin' On /CD '200? ""
Fun Factory - Close To You (Energy Trance Mix)
D-Phase - I Owe You Nothing (Piano Mix)
East 17 - Gold (7" Collar Size) /CD '1996 "Around The World The Journey So Far"
Emjay - In Your Arms /CD '1996 ""
eurodancemusic 3 - LA BOUCHE - ALL I WANT /CD '200? "eurodancemusic 3"
General Base - Base Of Love (Samba Edit)
DJ Dado - Face It (Radio Edit)
K2-High In The Mountains In The Paradise
Scooter - Move Your Ass! (Men Behind Remix) /CD ' "Move Your Ass! Remixes"
Interactive - Tell Me When /CD '1995 "Touche"
Unknown Artist - Charly-Lownoise & Mental Theo-Next To Me /CD '200? ""
Critical Mass - Happy Generation /CD '1995 "Не указан"
Unknown Artist - Back 2 Bass - The Beating Of My Head /CD '1996 "I'm Raving"
DJ Paul elstak - rainbow in the sky /CD '1995 "Happy Hardcore 3 "
Party Animals - Life Is Short /CD '2003 ""
Dune - Rainbow To The Stars'2003 (12"mix) /CD '2003 "Rainbow to the Stars'2003"
Interactive - We Are One (Rave Mix) /CD '1996 "We Are One (maxi single)"
Starsplash - Endless Fantasy /CD '2003 "Vinyl"
Waldo's People - 1000 Ways /CD '2000 "No-Man's-Land"
Waldo's People - No-Man's-Land /CD '2000 "No-Man's-Land"
Captain Jack - Party Warrios Our Fight Is Glorious /CD '2002 "Centerfold CDM"
E-Rotic - Oh Nick Please Not So Quick /CD '2003 "Total Recall "
MISSING HEART - Tears in May (Talla 2xcl short remix) /CD '2001 "Tears in May (Single)"
2 Unlimited - Tribal Dance (Tribal Trance Mix) /CD '2002 "Trance Remixes"
2 Unlimited - Let The Beat Control Your Body (Mistral Mix) /CD '2002 "Trance Remixes"
Culture Beat - Mr. Vain Recall (Doug Laurent Mix) /CD '2003 "Mr. Vain Recall"
Q-Tex - Power Of Love (Rezonance Q mix) /CD '2003 ""
Mysterious Art - Das Omen - Teil 1 /CD '1989 "Omen - The Story"
E Nomine - Das Omen (Extended Mix) /CD '2003 "Das Omen (Im Kreis des Boesen)"
Hypertraxx - Paranoid /CD '2001 "Tales From The Darkside"
Milk Inc. - Inside of Me (DJ Philip Wout & Jan remix) /CD '2002 "Milk Inc."
Milk Inc - Wide Awake (Extended) /CD '2002 "Sleepwalker CDM"
Mark'Oh - Where Is Babylon /CD '2003 "Mark'Oh"
Dumonde - God Music(Radio Edit) /CD ' "DREAM DANCE VOL. 25 / CD 1"
Barthezz - On The Move (Dumonde Mix) /CD '2001 ""
Gladiators - Now We Are Free (Dreamgate Club Mix) /CD '2001 ""
Gouryella - Walhalla (Vocal Extended Mix) /CD '200? ""
DJ Alpha - Life Goes On (extended mix) /CD '2003 ""
DJ Aligator Project feat. Christina Undhjem - Dreams /CD '2002 ""
Mark'Oh - I Surrender /CD '2003 "Mark'Oh"
Dune - Keep The Secret (Talla 2XLC Remix) /CD '1998 "Keep The Secret (single)"
Sash - The sunset /CD '2002 "S4Sash"
JK - Hit My Heart (Kmc Vision extended mix) /CD '2002 "Hit My Heart CDM"
Novaspace - Paradise (Video edit)
Rank 1 - Airwave 2003 (Breathing) /CD '2003 ""
Lovestern Galaktika Project - Superstar (Dance Nation remix)
Marc et Claude - All For Love [Noemi Remix]
N-Trance - Destiny (Q-Tex Mix) /CD '2003 ""
Sylver - Turn The Tide (CJ Stone Remix) /CD '2000 ""
Master Blaster - How Old Are U
Max B.Grant - Hey DJ /CD '2002 ""
Sash! feat. TJ Davis - I Believe (Club mix) /CD '2003 "I Believe CDS"
Svenson & Gielen feat. Jan Johnston - Beachbreeze (Original Vocal mix) /CD '2003 ""
Tokker - Sternenhimmel (Mark'OH remix)
Tony Hadley - Sweet Surrender (Milk Inc. Radio edit) /CD '2002 "'Sweet Surrender' re-release"
Fragrance - Don't Break My Heart (Radio edit) /CD '2003 "single"
N-Trance - Set You Free (Rob Searle edit) /CD '2002 "Dream Dance vol. 23-CD 1"
Scooter - Weekend (N-Trance remix) /CD '2003 "UK single"
Mandy & Randy (Mark'Oh) - Mandy (Radio Version) /CD '2002 ""
Mario Lopez - Into My Brain (Marc Van Linden Rmx) /CD '2001 "Mother Earth"
Tony Hadley - Sweet Surrender (Milk Inc. Radio edit) /CD '2002 "'Sweet Surrender' re-release"
Mark'Oh - Let This Party Never End /CD '2003 "Mark'Oh

SCOOTER "Back in the..Moscow!!"
DJ BOBO" Moscow"
EAST- 17 "Gold"
KLUBBINGMAN "Highway to the sky'
KLUBBINGMAN "Open your mind"
KLUBBINGMAN "Welcome to the club'
KLUBBINGMAN "Welcome to the club" (Pulsedriver Vs Rocco remix)
AURELIA (project by F.J.GAUDER) "When the night is falling"
DJ DEAN "Play it hard"
DJ DEAN "Protect your ears"
DJ UFO & STU J "Flyin high" (cover of Captain hollywood song)
SOLARIS "Urcheagha"
KATE RPOJECT "I got to believe'
CAPTAIN JACK "Hai hai hai"
CAPTAIN JACK "Party warriors"
KHAYAH feat.NEW WORLD ROWER (presented by AFRIKA BAMBAATAA)"feel the vibe'
BLACK SPAGHETTI "Build my mind up"
BLACK SPAGHETTI "Change the future" (aka "Stress no more")
MELANIE BENDER "You just want sex"
MELANIE BENDER "Dream lover"
MYSTERIOUS ART "Mystic mountain"
CELEBRATE THE NUN "Ordinary town"
MISSING HEART "Moonlight Shadow" (2 remixes)
THE FREE "Lover on the line" (2 remixes)
THE FREE "Love letter from the space'
MISSING HEART "Tears in may" (Talla 2 XLC remix)
E-ROTIC "Fred come to bed" (Extended mix)
PHARAO "World of magic" (Land of unity mix)
3-0-MATIC "Hand in hand"
ACTIVATE "I say what I want" (Damage control remix)
CLUBFACTORY "Love 4 lovin"
CLUBMEN "All we need is love'
COOL JAMES & BLACK TEACHER "Dr.Felgood" (remix)
E-TYPE "Set the world on fire" (remix)
IMPERIO "Wings of love" (radio version)
REDNEX "The chase"
D-BRONX & NATALY "Tam za gorizontom"
DREAMCHILD "Destiny" (cover of FUTURE BEAT song)
GROOVE COVERAGE "The end - Moonlight shadow - God is a girl"
MYTHOS'N'WATERGATE "A neverendin dream" (cover of X-PERIENCE song)JORDAN & BAKER
MARIO LOPEZ "Always & forever"
KAI TRACID "4 just one day"
KLUBBINGMAN "Highway to the sky" (remix)
BARRACUDA "Damn!(remember the time) (remix)

Ночь 2:
Ди-Бронкс & Натали "Александра", "Энергия любви" (video edit), "Новый год зовет"
REDNEX "Strong Enough"
X-PERIENCE "Strong Enough"
E-ROTIC "Do it all night 2003"
DARKNESS "In my dreams"
NANA "In my dreams"
ANTHEA "One more time"
BIG TIME "Oh, my god"
BAMBEE "Barn barn barn"
NIKITA "La bruja"
STELLA ( Twenty 4 seven) "You & me"
TIME SPIRITS feat. DJ Zesar "The palace"
Ди-Бронкс & Натали "Время летит быстрее ветра"
WALDO's PEOPLE "Disconnected"
WALDO's PEOPLE "1000 ways"
Q-TEX "Power of love"
INTERACTIVE " Living without your love"
DAS MODUL "liebe auf der ersten click"
UNIQ "Amore"
BEATBOX " Come into my club"
Q-TEX - "Happy hardcore megamix"
N-TRANCE "Demomix 1994-1998"
далее не помню (прозвучало еще около 10 композиций)точно был
DJ ALONE "We are ravin"
а закончилось все
SCOOTER "weekend'

Ночь 1:
1. TECHNOTRONIC - Move It To The Rhythm
2. BEAT SOCIETY - Feel The Beat
3. CON-X-ION - Gotta Have The Music
4. 2 UNLIMITED - Spread Your Love
5. T-ZONE - Don't Let Me Go
6. E-TYPE - This Is The Way
7. SYLVER - The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
8. E-ROTIC - Lay Me Down
9. DJ BOBO - Freedom
10.NINA - Until All Your Dreams Come True
11.SHINE - By The Light Of Nature
12.CRITICAL MASS - Believe In The Future
13.MASTERBOY - Different Dreams
14.X-PRESSION - Come On
15.CULTURE BEAT - Anything
16.DI-BRONX & NATALY - Ya Lyublyu Lyubit' Tebya
17.SOLID BASE - In Your Dreams
18.MR. JOHN - It's Not Too Late
19.BACK 2 BASS - The Beating Of My Heart
20.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Dreams (Will Come Alive)
21.MASTERBOY - I Need A Lover Tonight (Video Edit)
22.SAMIRA - When I Look Into Your Eyes
23.ICE MC - Dark Night Rider
24.REDWING - My Heart Is Calling
25.DA BLITZ - Take Me Back
26.HEART ATTACK - Move Me Stranger
27.SOLID BASE - Mirror Mirror
28.BRENDA - Come Back To Me
29.ANNA W - Du och jag (bjoerk mix)
30.CULTURE BEAT - Do I Have You?
31.MR. JOHN - Time Is Ticking Away
32.E-ROTIC - My Heart Goes Bumm Bumm
33.CULTURE BEAT - Walk The Same Line
34.ANTARES - Ride On A Meteorite
35.TEXTURE - Take A Chance On Me
36.ICE MC - Think About The Way
37.SYLVER - Angel On My Shoulder
38.SNAP - Rhythm Is A Dancer
39.DJ PANDA feat. ALEEXA - Dreaming Of Fantasy
40.MASTERBOY - Feel The Heat Of The Night
41.MR.PRESIDENT - Take Me To The Limit
42.2 UNLIMITED - Let The Beat Control Your Body
43.CRITICAL MASS - Burning Love
44.LIBRA - Another Night
45.DR. ALBAN - Look Who's Talking
46.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - There's A Key (Lipstick Radio Mix)
47.HADDAWAY - Fly Away
48.HIGH STATE LOGIC - Let Me Love You
49.INTERFACE - There Are No More Limits
50.MC SAR & THE REAL MCCOY - Another Night
51.MASTERBOY - Feel The Fire
52.BLUE ZONE - Too Beautiful
53.E-ROTIC - Gotta Get it Groovin 2003
54.TEXTURE - Power Of Love (Extended) - на самом деле она звучала практически сразу после Texture "Take a chance on me" (по просьбе D-Man'94).
55.MAXX - Get-A-Way
56.YAMBOO - Kalinka (Dance Mix)
57.LA BOUCHE - Unexpected Lovers
58.ICE MC - Russian Roulette
59.TEN MINUTES - Your Toy
60.TEXTURE - Over The Night (Euro Mix)
61.CAPELLA - U Got 2 Know
62.NINA - Dance The Night Away
63.FOURTEEN 14 - Don't Leave Me
64.DJ BOBO - Let The Dream Come True
65.MAXX - Move Your Body
66.NORAD - Sending All My Love
67.ICE MC - Take Away The Colour
68.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - There's A Key (Dance Therapy)
69.MAGIC AFFAIR - Give Me All Your Love
70.CULTURE BEAT - Inside Out (Transformed Brainstorm Mix)
71.DOUBLE YOU - Dancing With An Angel
72.BASIC ELEMENT - Another Day
73. ALEX C feat. YASMIN K. - Amigos Forever
74.CRITICAL MASS - Believe In The Future
75.DIP - Give Me Your Loving
76.CENTORY - Take It To The Limit (Radio Version)
77.SALINE - Tell It To My Heart
78.RADIORAMA - Cause The Night
80.E-ROTIC - Megamix (Mmmm mix)
81. JURGEN VRIES feat. CMC - The Opera Song (Brave New World)
82.CENTORY - Point Of No Return
83.ONDINA - Into the Night (Extended Mix)
84.DA BLITZ - Stay With Me
86.CRITICAL MASS - Happy Generation
Следующие композиции звучали утром 2 мая. Их слышали только MC Kasper & D-Man'94.
87.MAXX - No More ( I Can't Stand It)
88.DI-BRONX & NATALY - Na Linii Ognya
89.QUASIMODO - All I Want Is You
90.CULTURE BEAT - In The Mood
91.HEAD 2 HEAD - Love Taker
92.MR. JOHN - It's Not Too Late
93.@TAK - Let Me Be Free
94.SOLID BASE - Ticket To Fly
95.ROTATION - Let The Music Play
96.E-ROTIC - Oh Nick Please Not So Quick 2003

Ночь 2:
97.AMADIN - U Make Me Feel Alrigh
98.DI-BRONX & NATALY - Alexandra (fan edition bonus)
99.NAKATOMI - Sing a song
100.CABALLERO - Love Is A Shield
101.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Fly (Through The Starry Night)
102.CRITICAL MASS - Dancing Together
103.MR. JOHN - Get It On
104.TEXTURE - Power Of Love (Extended) - повторно.
105.ANGELINA - The Power Of Love
106.IMPERIO - Quo Vadis - все вспомнили Навигатора.
107.MASTERBOY - Anybody (Movin' On) (F.J. RMX)
108.PERFECTION - Calling For You
109.UNIT T - No Secrets
110.GET READY - Come On
111.LA BOUCHE - Sweet Dreams - под эту песню никто не танцевал. Мы вспоминали Мелани.
112.GARFIELD - Cool Cat (Radio Remix) - настоящим героем песни был мой рыжий кот Лис. Он отважно выдержал треть композии в танце.
113.EGMA - Tell It To My Heart
114.MAGIC AFFAIR - Omen III (Single Edit)
115.2 ALIVE - Tell It To My Heart - была поставлена по просьбе D-Man'94.
116.E-ROTIC - Do it All Night 2003
117.E-TYPE - Will I See You Again?
118.SAMIRA - The Rain
119.TAKE TWICE - It's True
120.MASTERBOY - Generation Of Love
121.CHAMPAGNE - Problem Of My Heart
122.CHARLY LOWNOISE & MENTAL THEO - Hardcore Feelings
123.CULTURE BEAT - Mr.Vain
124.E-ROTIC - Dreams Never Die
125.DJ BOBO - Somebody Dance With Me - все вспомнили Сокола. Сокол, записано на видео!
126.BEAT CONTROL - Dance Madness'98
127.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Come take my hand
128.MEN BEHIND - Feel The Life
129.NANCE (ex Twenty 4 Seven) - Big Brother Is Watching You
130.NEW SYSTEM - This Is The Night
131.E-ROTIC - Sex Me
132.MAGIC AFFAIR - In The Middle Of The Night
133.ZODIAC - Evermore
134.CAPELLA - U Got 2 Let The Music
135.SYLVER - Forgiven
136.MAJOR T - Can Only Give You My Heart
137.DHAMA - Keep On Movin'
138.E-TYPE - Set The World On Fire
139.BKS - Take Control
140.DARKNESS - In My Dreams - и тут начались такие кошмары!
142.GROOVECULT - Midnight Dream (Airplay)
143.LE CLICK - Call Me
144.IN COLOUR - I Wanna Give It To You
145.ICE MC - It's A Rainy Day
146.MARC O POLO - Living For Fantasy(Ex Version) - во время танца обсуждался текст песни: "I give you my body, I give you my money, give you all you ever need…" Все же остановились на версии, что просто о любви.
148.MAXX - I Want You
149.SAMIRA - Love Train
150.SOLID BASE - Katie
151.DI-BRONX & NATALY - Dvigaysya
152.MANILA - I Think And Feel
153.IMPERIO - Veni Vidi Vici
154.NAKATOMI - I'm A Raver - по ходу песни выяснилось, что это не Nakatomi.
155.MAGIC AFFAIR - Night Of The Raven (Speed)
Примерно отсюда оставшиеся композиции пришлось прокрутить частично, так как на улице уже светало.
156.CHERRISH - Journey Through The Night
157.COMIC - I Surrender To Your Love
158.DOLPHIN CREW - The Light Is By
159.CORONA - The Rhythm Of The Night - была далеко уже не ночь...
160.GRETA - Looking For Heaven (Original Mix)
161.KALURA - Will Pay For Love
163.2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Fly (Happy Hardcore Mix)
Завершилась вечеринка сумашедшим танцем под THE FREE - Dance The Night Away (radio remix) (164) и весьма актуальной (если посмотреть за окно) happy hardcore композицией PHASE - Morning Light (165) - для саратовцев это была премьера.